Preparations, with pics

We spent a while (although probably not enough time)preparing Pearl for her journey.  She lived at Tom's how for a couple of weeks while problems with the trans and electrical system were taken care of.  That and we had to remove the old transmission that had been hanging out in her trunk for about 6 months.
Pearl, getting ready for her journey

A 1959 Edsel Ranger 4-door, Pearl had 10,151 miles on her when we left Denver.  We purchased Pearl in January of 2010, just after moving to Denver.  She had about 7000 miles on her.  Ever.  Yes, this car is all original (can't you tell?) and has only ever been driven around town.  Edsel is a name that is synonymous with "failure."  It was one of the first big failures of the auto industry, and especially for Ford.  They were made for 3 years, 1958, 1959, and 1960.  The 1958 is the most iconic, as it has the larger, more prominent "horse collar" grill.  We have one of only 14,063 1959 Edsel Rangers 4dr sedans made.
 The paint job has faded, and the interior is a mess, but over all she is in amazing condition.
 We said good-bye to everyone in Denver over the span of a couple of days, culminating with Thursday, March 15th.  We had opera tickets at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City for the 20th, and 5 days should be plenty of time to get there.  Oh silly us.

Bye lovely Crickett

Our final meal in Denver, with Cathy and Holly
We had a last meal in Denver with the lovely Holly and Cathy, and then finished the final touches as got going after dark.

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