Abilene KS

In the middle of all the car troubles we were making some, albeit slow, headway east.  For one of our numerous stops we decided to go to Abilene KS to the the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum.  As is usual for a Holliday, instead of getting there at 2 like we wanted, we arrived at 4:30.  The library and museum close at 4:45. Luckily the grounds were open later, so we wandered a bit.

I love President Eisenhower for many reasons, not the least of which is creating the interstate highway system.  During this same part of the trip we drove the first 8 miles of the first highway.  Almost brings tears to my eyes.

All about Ike

Eisenhower's boyhood home

Gratuitous artsy photo #2 - cool tree edition

My favourite

This is for Amanda - on the way out of town we happened across this awesome place

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